Mica Mine – Easy 2.5 m hike, great for kids

The Mica Mine trail is located off Little Park Road (perfect if you are staying at our Little Park House, but great even if you are not) Head south on Little Park Road about 4 Miles to the BLM Bangs Canyon Staging Area. The travel time from The Bottom of Little Park is about 15 minutes, the staging area is just across the cattle guard on your left, easy to find. The hike drops down a rocky set of steps to begin, but after that it is fairly flat and winds thru a stream bed. Kids and dogs love to paly in the shallow waters of Ladder Creek. The trail is 1.2 miles where you spend the last .2 miles walking on a white path of Mica, then you reach the Mine where you are surrounded by glistening white rock. It is a 2 hr hike with kids, bring a snack, enjoy the meandering and rock hunting. Sadly my photos do not do it justice…But you will really be impressed with the Mica. micamine Another great hike, Rough Canyon, which in the early spring leads to a neat waterfall. mica2 Notice we are sitting on a large Mica Rock micacanyon The canyon is great shelter from the summer sun and this hike is enjoyable even in the mid/late summer due to the shade.