Wild Horses – Just North of GJ

787294_xxl I often get asked where to hike, one of the many hikes I suggest to people is to go look for the wild horses, as it is pretty unique to our area. I have gone several times in the spring and have always seen the horses, but there are no guarantees…just so you know. To get there, drive east on Interstate 70 to the Cameo Exit (No. 46) in DeBeque Canyon. Turn off the highway and travel under the interstate, then east for a short way before crossing the Colorado River in front of the Xcel Cameo steam plant. Go past the power plant and follow the BLM signs to the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area and Coal Canyon Trailhead. You start the hike traveling over a small hill, then down the other side, once over the hill you meander along a stream bed, thru safe brush, rabbit brush and in the spring an occasional stream crossing, nothing to worry about. You can hike for as long as you like, you will see the break off to Main Canyon but know whichever direction you go this is an out and back hike. Not strenuous, bring lots of water and your good camera…just in case. Download the Little Bookclifs Wild Horse Brochure here.